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Not your grandma's water shoes. Astral's water shoes are designed to endure constant soaking, shed / drain water, dry quickly, not accumulate funk, and grip on wet surfaces.

Water Ready™

Being Water Ready™ is the foundation of our footwear. Every single pair of our water shoes is lightweight, quick dry, quick drain, anti-funk - and most importantly, grippy.

Superior Grip

The foundation of our shoes and sandal’s grip is a secret formula of chemistry we call G Rubber™. Unlike standard rubber compounds, G Rubber™ works exceptionally well with a variety of wet surfaces.

Natural Foot Shape

By combining a zero drop, Level Footbed® with a wide toe box, Balanced Geometry™ respects the foot’s natural position and promotes increased balance and stability. This means more confidence and safety for users navigating uneven, slippery surfaces under foot.

Loyak - Our Bestseller

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