The best travel gear is lightweight, packable, comfortable - and performs across a variety of activities. From riverbanks to city streets, pack these travel favorites for your next trip.

Loyak™ // Minimalist & Versatile

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TR1 Mesh™ // Lightweight + Grippy

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Rosa™ // Ultimate Flip Flop

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Brewer 2.0™ // Rugged + Water Ready™

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"The Astral Filipe is the swiss army knife of flip flops... If you're looking for a high-quality and versatile flip flop, this is the one."

"If breathability is at the top of your hiking shoe wish list, look no further than the Astral TR1 Mesh Shoes."

"Most people don’t have a ton of space in their luggage to pack multiple footwear options for different activities, which makes a pair of shoes that can pull double duty all the more valuable. The Astral TR1 Mesh shoes are sleek and attractive, but their grippy outsoles, ventilated design and wide toe box make them sturdy and comfortable enough for any outdoorsy activities you may add to your travel itinerary. Add in the fact that they drain water and dry quickly, and you have yourself a hiking shoe that works across various climates."

"Functional Footwear for Casual & Athletic Use. The Loyak is also an excellent option for those seeking a dependable and versatile travel footwear option."

"Simple and budget-friendly, these kicks are made with a flexible, breathable mesh upper that dries quickly, as well as a balanced footbed that's easy to stand hours in. Rock it as a casual walking around shoe, or head to the nearest body of water."

"Best Travel Hiking Shoes. Sleek, Streamlined, Comfortable And Quick Drying For Active Travelers."