Collection: Camping Sandals

High-performance camping sandals, perfect for wet and dry conditions, paired with unmatched comfort.

Highly Versatile

Comfortable enough to hike in and water ready makes Astral sandals the perfect for the outdoors enthusiast.


Our Camping Sandals are designed for high-performance and ultimate durability so you can wear them trip after trip.

Natural Comfort

Enjoy all-day comfort while trekking, running, or swimming with our Camping Sandals. Designed to adventure anywhere.

Webber Olive Green

Olive GreenOlive Green
  • The freedom and ease of a flip combined with the security and sure-footedness of an adventure sandal. All in one great piece of footwear.

    The Absolute Best

  • I would recommend this to everyone that spends time outdoors! Water and sand.

    Best Purchase of the Year

  • I put in 15K steps yesterday in them, all outdoors on uneven ground, and my feet, ankles, and knees feel awesome!

    Absolutely LOVE