As Kayakers, we need gear that makes us feel more comfortable, confident, and safe. Gear that allows us to push ourselves and the sport.
As Designers, we need to make products that are unique, necessary, and beautiful.
As Manufacturers, we need our factories to be safe, our materials to be non-toxic, and our waste to be minimal.

If a product cannot meet all these requirements, we don't make it.

The Ronny Fisher

The Ronny Fisher was designed to meet the needs of expert anglers. Our ThinVent™ back design keeps you cool and comfortable, while loads of storage options keep the essentials well organized and at your fingertips. In this video Astral Team Angler Jonathan Leavitt puts the Ronny Fisher to the test, and explains the unique features of this new fishing design.

introducing: G Rubber™

Siped, Lugged, and Super Sticky; our G Rubber™ outsole sets a new benchmark of confidence-inspiring footwear for paddlers.


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