Collection: Kayak Sandals

The ultimate kayak sandal on the river.

Person stepping onto a raft wearing Astral Webber Olive Green

Unmatched Grip

Free your feet with Astral's kayak sandals allowing you to run, jump, swim and climb in footwear as free as your soul.

Flex Grip G Rubber™

Our Kayak Shoes and Sandals feature a proprietary “Super Sticky” version of G Rubber™. Formulated for maximum gripping power.


Sandals conform to the ground, giving your feet a "barefoot" feel and enhanced stability. Outsoles are flexible enough to feel the ground, which is critical for grip on irregular terrain.

PFD Sandal in Fire Orange

Cedar GreenFire Orange
  • I have never owned a sandal that fits my foot so securely, and grips wet rocks so well.

    Great for the weekend warrior

  • I just hiked about 100 miles in these shoes through 1000's of feet of elevation over rocks, sand, river crossings, boulders, river beds, snowbanks, etc. and these shoes rocked it every step of the way.

    6-stars! The Ultimate ATS (All-Terrain Shoe)

  • I love these shoes. I bought them for water born activities, but find myself wearing them all the time, EVERYWHERE.

    Best ever!!!